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22/01/2015 - Illegal Bowls - Gary Smith

o all National Authorities
(Copied to Recognised Associations for information)

Dear Colleagues,


It has been brought to the attention of World Bowls that individuals and clubs in certain countries are purchasing and using bowls from an unlicensed manufacturing source in China and in some cases being sold for use with Barefoot Bowls programmes. Indeed it has been indicated that some of these sets of illegal bowls are being specifically marked as Barefoot Bowls.
Any models of bowls produced by an unlicensed manufacturer are thus not approved models and do not bear the required stamp and are not compliant with all the Laws of the Sport of Bowls.
We would highlight that the World Bowls stamp can only be used by a licensed manufacturer and ALL new sets of bowls MUST bear the World Bowls stamp (Law 53.2).
Such bowls are totally illegal for play at any level of the sport and Member National Authorities must immediately bring this matter to the attention of all member clubs and associations.
Member National Authorities are obliged to ensure that our sport at domestic level is conducted in accordance with ALL the Laws of the Sport of Bowls including those Laws relating to sets of bowls used in the sport.

Gary Smith
Chief Executive, World Bowls

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