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11/08/2015 - Visitors to the Costa del Sol - Andy, (Joe Soap).


As a visitor to the Costa del Sol and as an avid bowler I totally agree with Mike. Living and bowling in Scotland has its ups and downs, however despite the short bowls season and the weather we are still up there among the best. Even here money is tight, that's with a club membership of close to 200. It must be even harder with a small membership and no bar-takings to counter-act the lack of membership fees. There may be a way to help - maybe in a small way  --- grab the tourists (me included), into your club. First time I went to Torremolinos towards the end of my week holiday - I stumbled across a bowling green, (Belplaya) -it looked good. Eventually I managed to contact not the owners but Linda , who ran the bowls. Fantastic,, she hired me a set of Taylor Lignoids and gave me a pair of mats and a jack and a location where I could get them next day. I was that impressed I came back in the spring , met Linda again and got invited to a Club day - to us a Wappenschaw,, got playing in a triples match and won it (as Jocks do-lol). To me that is where your future lies --milk the cow... thousands of tourists come every year, loads a bowlers would love a game in the sun,, there's no information - unless you are lucky enough and in the right place at the right time. As for the duration of games, I would love to play 30 or 40 ends under the sun, but I'm a jock and a bowler,, a wee refreshment every  3 or 4 ends is more sociable - lol. Would also help if you had a "Regional" association web page to advertise to the Bowling world what is available, where you are welcome and Open matches.
Yours, aye your short

Hi Andy, thanks for your contribution & great to hear Linda at Belplaya looked after you.

Here are a few points to enlighten you further on bowling in Spain:-

  • There are 10 active Lawn Bowling clubs in Malaga province and approx. 50 throughout the mainland & the Canary Isles, all of which will offer you a royal welcome.
  • The majority of the clubs run a bar & many provide full restaurant facilities.
  • Most clubs run club days 2 or 3 days per week which are normally open to visitors.
  • www.bowlinginspain.com provides comprehensive information on all the active clubs in Spain, including facilities, address, contact details, directions & catering and Club Days info.
  • Each region has it's associations, which again are covered in www.bowlinginspain.com.
  • Event calendars & illustrated match reports are also featured.
  • Historically, the Spanish Bowling Community has welcomed thousands of touring groups from all over the UK to this beautiful country. However, numbers have been significantly reduced during recent years, due to challenging economic conditions in Britain. With the recent upturn of the Pound Sterling against the euro, we are hoping to see more British friends enjoying Lawn Bowling in idyllic surroundings.

I hope, Andy, this has perhaps given you a brief enlightenment into Bowling in Spain and that you will keep coming here.

Kind regards,

John Carr, Webmaster, www,bowlinginspain.com.

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