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16/02/2016 - Changes to the Malaga Calendar - Amber Dineen.


Hi John,
I as a bowler would like to know the opinion of the 4 day events that have been held this season. I for one feel that it is not the same as having the 8 day events in past years. The Winter Championships has gone, what a shame. Has the Ladies Annual Triples been replaced by the Malaga Triples and has Men's Annual Triples is been replaced by the Malaga Triples if it has then why has the name changed? So much confusion!!! 
Confused Bowler Amber Dineen
Could this go on your Forum to see what other Bowlers think
Hi John
Just to add to my note:
The name Malaga in front of these new competitions have got a lot of people confused as in the passed any Malaga comps have been federated events. Maybe name should be, if kept, CDS 4s, CDS Triples, CDS Pairs & CDS Singles this would stop any confusion! I have heard people who haven't entered because they thought they had to be federated.

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