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24/03/2016 - Barbara Land - Changes to the Malaga Calendar - Replies to Amber Dineen.

Hi John,
I agree with Amber that there has been much confusion concerning the competitions this year. I feel that the federated competitions should be preceded by 'Malaga' , and those which were part of the winter championships should be Costa del Sol competitions.
 I, personally, regret the demise of the Winter Championships which was a fitting end to the winter season and was well supported by both bowlers and spectators. The bitty Costa del Sol replacement comps. have certainly not received anywhere near the same level of support.
My big complaint is concerning the Champion of Champions competition. It was originally  in the bowling calendar from April 18th to 22nd, much later than in previous years. Many bowlers on the coast did not enter their club championships as they knew they would be back in the UK by then and therefore unable to play in the Champion of Champions, (which in itself is a shame). We booked our flights back to the UK for the evening of the 22nd, based on the dates published in the calendar. Suddenly the dates were changed by the ' owners committee' (April 20th to 23rd), with no thought given to the impact on others!  I was fortunate enough to win our club championship and , as I strongly believe that club champions should take part in the Ch of Ch comp, we have had to change our flights, at some considerable expense.
Once dates are published officially they should not be changed, especially at the beginning and end of the winter season, as bowlers need to book flights/ ferries in advance. My suggestion would be that the Champion of Champions competition should be held at a time of year when all bowlers would be available to take part, and therefore able to enter their own club championships.
 Barbara Land

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