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17/12/2016 - Tony MIllington - Changes in Almeria Province


Hi John,

Along with many others I have been following a lot of the “noise” as it has been published in various places and shed loads of emails.  Good job we have don’t have to print everything another forest would have been destroyed.

If you tolerate a few more words:

Starting with what seems to have been the initial focus point.  A concern about possible legal action.  From my research those concerns may be well founded.   The law seems to be quite clear, if anybody bothers to read it. For every competition/league or what ever there should be a full proclamation of the event.  As a minimum, in addition to the norms of the sport, Location, entrants, official or unofficial and professional or non professional status, medical cover, how the event is insured, disciplinary and appeals must be covered in the proclamation.  This could all be covered by a “model” document, without doubt to comply with the law it must be en Española.  Not to do so could if the event was visited by any of the “Policing” authorities be an invite for further investigation.   The actual Bowls Laws stuff in English which is necessary to run the competition would be additional.

The further noise about requirements for players licenses may or may not be some jumping on the band wagon to promote something which they wish to see happen.  To suggest that a players license covers event insurance is not correct.  The insurance covered by the license is hard if not impossible to find.  My Club President,  as written to the FAB president via Tony Winterton to see if an official statement on what is covered can be obtained.  However from the historical documents that we hold it would seem that it includes limited private medical cover,  Not much use in an area mainly covered by state health care. And third party insurance that the most of us already have in our home and family cover. So those that are saying that a license makes everything perfect need to think again.

Locally here in Almeria area.  The Indalo BC President has said that CALB events cannot be held at his club as their insurance does not cover events organised by external organisations.  The area winter league can now continue because it has been agreed that Indalo BC will sponsor and organise it.  The Indalo BC insurance cover is their business and I would not comment on that.  ABC and Cabrera must have different cover as they both say there is no problem.  MBC, as a club, don’t actually have insurance cover we and our guests are clients of the Hotel Group and are insured as part of the groups corporate business policy.  So no problem at MBC.

So much noise lets hope people actually read the law and shut up and get on with their lives so we can enjoy the few years we have left.  I will not hold my breath.

All the best John it seem ages since you helped Barry Woods and myself set the foundations for CALB which has become so good that others want to destroy it.

Tony Millington

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