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17/12/2016 - Tony MIllington - Changes in Almeria Province


Hi Tony, can see where you come from, but -- , what does World Bowls say. Know you have a few problems with Bowls Spain-as a outsider-aka UK – we pay our dues to Bowls Scotland then to World Bowls. An “ Open” Comp is advertised, great -can I enter? What is a national licence/ or is it only open to FAb/Feb Spain   = not open??     Know it`s not your fault but here in the UK sounds like Brexit is good-lol.

Sorry , my sense of humour, congrats to the winners at Benalmadena- comms to my good mate Juan Miguel Abeal  - your skip was rubbish-lol and then Lauro  won it,,,ouch--- next year  Saltcoats BC.

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