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Until now www.bowlinginspain.com has focused primarily on providing information on Lawn Bowling clubs situated in Spain and covering events of interest to the local bowling community and overseas bowlers. I feel that the time has arrived to expand the scope of this website to include a forum in which constructive comments and recommendations, relevant to bowling in Spain, may be published.
I sincerely hope that there will be a positive response to this feature and that volumes of correspondence and debate will ensue.
So go ahead and send your contributions, (in email form, or type-written), right away!

www.bowlinginspain.com webmaster, John Carr


The following Terms of Reference defines, I hope clearly, the purpose and scope of this section:-
The principle objective is to promote constructive debate on matters relating to bowling in Spain.

  1. The content may be submitted by any individual, club, or body.
  2. The contents will reflect solely the views of their author, whose name will be attached.
  3. The webmaster reserves the right to decline material containing offensive language.


Author Subjects Date
Gary Smith, World Bowls Illegal Bowls - Important Notice 22/01/2015
Kevin Readon, 'The Leader' 2015 Nationals Programme 26/02/2015
Greg Sperring 2015 CBBA Champion of Champons 18/04/2015
Andy,(Joe Soap) Visitors to the Costa del Sol 11/08/2015
Amber Dineen Changes to the Malaga Calendar 16/02/2016
Barbara Land Changes to the Malaga Calendar - Reply to Amber Dineen 24/03/2016
Tony Millington Changes in Almeria Province 23/12/2016
Andy Frew Replies to Tony Millington 10/03/2017
Hayden Simkiss Moving from one club to another 19/04/2018


Why not email your comments or opinions to Bowlers Forum section of www.bowlinginspain.com?  Where appropriate, please accompany the report with photos.

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