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Levante Lawn Bowls - Draft Proposed New Constitution (Amended)

Submitted 19/10/2016

(This Title has been adopted since the Costa Blanca Bowls Association was incorporated into the the regional Federation.

The Club Bowling Britanico Alicante & Provincia (CBBA) is officially registered at

Calle Edf. El Cid s/n, Benidoleig, 03759 Alicante




a)   Assisting to maintain in every bowling area in Spain a single Federation with a view

   to effective organisation of the game under the Laws of the Sport adopted by the

   World Bowls Board.

b)   To work closely with the Lawn Bowls Directorate under the Chairmanship of the

   Lawn Bowls Director.

c)   The Internal Rules are to run alongside, but not against, the articles of the FEB and

   Spanish Constitution by which we are bound.

d)   Selecting representative teams for inter regional matches.

e)   Holding annual inter club league competitions.

f)   Holding annual regional championships.

g)   Holding any other tournaments considered desirable.

h)   Deciding, when called on to do so by any other club, questions of law and practice and

   acting as Arbitrator in all differences which may arise.

i)   Making, adopting, varying and publishing laws, bye-laws and conditions for the

   regulation of bowls on the Costa Blanca and taking all such steps as shall be deemed

   advisable for the enforcing of such laws, bye-laws and conditions.




a)   All clubs must pay an annual affiliation fee to the FEB. This fee is for the calendar

   year starting 1st January and must be paid to the LLB account by January 31st.

   If it has not been paid by the due date the offending club will not be allowed to play

   in any events after this date.

b)   Membership consists of all bowls clubs on the Levante region who apply to join the  LLB and on being accepted pay on demand whatever fees are stipulated. All member   clubs are bound to comply with all LLB rules and regulations. Application for   membership shall be considered at any LLB committee meeting and approved by a    simple majority

c)   A Club, at the time of being accepted as a member of the LLB, must have its own

   premises on which to play inter club events, tournaments, leagues etc. Should, during a

   season, the club's premises not be available they may, with the consent of the LLB  committee, approach another club(s) to use their premises to fulfil their outstanding

   fixtures. They may only commit themselves to future inter club activities provided

   assurance can be given that their premises are available.   

d)   Individuals - (a) must be a member of an affiliated Club having paid the due fee to the

   owner and if appropriate the annual membership to the Club (b) must have paid the

   relevant annual Federation fee (c) to then participate in ANY LLB event must be (a)

   and (b) and pay any subsequent fee required to enter said event.






a)   Participants in all matches, tournaments and competitions under the patronage of the LLB must observe the LLB dress code at all times. Failure to do so will result in that   player being unable to play in that match/tournament/league/competition whilst

   incorrectly dressed.

b)   Club coloured shirts may be worn at all LLB sponsored events as per the LLB dress


   Players selected to play in Provincial matches will be excluded from doing so.

c)   Where a club elects to wear other coloured upper body clothing (other than their

   registered club shirt) it is at the club's discretion and their control

d)   Clubs may adopt to wear coloured lower body clothing (in accordance with the LLB  dress code) which must be registered with the LLB and worn by the whole side.




a)   Flat, smooth soled, heelless footwear, with backs, designed for bowling, is to be worn. Such footwear must be predominantly white, although brown grey or black are acceptable. No other form of footwear is acceptable. 




a)  The LLB shall hold an Annual General meeting normally in March/April, at which the   election Officers will take place and proposals voted on.

b)  Notice of this Meeting shall be given to all member clubs by the LLB Secretary at least     12 (twelve) weeks prior to the date of the AGM. At the same time the LLB Secretary          will issue each club separate nomination and proposal forms. This will give each club's   committee time to hold meetings to consider their nominations and proposals for the       AGM.

c)  All proposals for consideration at the AGM shall be submitted to the LLB Secretary at      least 6 (six) weeks prior to the date of the AGM. No new proposals will be accepted at           the AGM.

d)  Nominations for Officers must have a proposer and seconder and be signed by the   nominee and the completed nomination form must be countersigned by the Club   Secretary or a Senior Club Officer who may not be one of the original proposers or   seconders. The form will then be returned to the LLB Secretary at least 6 (six) weeks      prior to the date of the AGM when nominations for Officers will close.

e)  The Secretary will send to each club within 7 (seven) days of items (c) and (d) a   categorised list of Nominations and Proposals.

   The clubs will then have 14 (fourteen) days to amend any of their own proposal(s) if they     wish . Any such amendments must be sent to the Secretary.

   The Secretary will then send an amended list to the clubs not less than 14 (fourteen)       days before the AGM.




a)  In the event of any Officer positions being left vacant after voting has taken place at the     AGM nominations may be accepted and voted for at the meeting.







The Officers will comprise of:                                            President (Delegado)                                  



               Treasurer                            Membership Secretary

               Membership Treasurer                       League Co-ordinator Winter

               League Co-ordinator Northern

               League Co-ordinator Southern

               League Co-ordinator South Alicante                  Associate Co-ordinator  

               Tour Co-ordinator North & South

               Provincial Selection Committee Chairperson


( Hereinafter referred to as The Officers with NO voting rights )

They must be fully paid up annual members of their club by paying the annual green fee, and if applicable, the annual Club Membership fee.

a)  The President (Delegado) shall be elected every 4 years to coincide with the election year     of the FBCV President. The President (Delegado) may stand for re-election.

b)  All Officers elected shall serve for a period of one year only but are eligible for re-   election.

c)  Any person may be nominated for more than one of the Officer positions but may only      be elected to one office always providing they have signed a nomination acceptance.

d)  In the event there should only be one candidate for a position they shall be elected with

   no voting process.

   Where there is more than one nomination for a Office there will be a paper vote and the

   candidate with the most votes duly elected. In the event of a tie a second, and if   necessary further, votes to take place until a majority vote is reached.

e)  Elected officers shall not, by reason of their position, receive any pecuniary gain or have     any paid position within the LLB.

f)  Any Officer who receives any form of payment as a result of their LLB duties other       than from the Treasurer will hand all such payments to the Treasurer who will keep an   account of these payments.

   Any Officer who incurs personal expense whilst carrying out LLB duties may claim        these back by submitting an itemised claim to the Treasurer at LLB each meeting

   following the event in which the expenses occurred.




An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called, by the following, with a minimum period of 2 weeks to elapse before the EGM can be convened -


a)  At the Direction of the LLB Committee


b)  By any three Member Clubs giving notice to the LLB Secretary in writing, setting        forth clearly the specific business for such a meeting.





a)  The Committee shall comprise the Officers, who have no voting rights, plus 2   representatives from each Member Club but with only 1 voting right per club.

   The representatives from each Club are responsible for:

    i) attending LLB meetings

   ii) reporting back to their Club Committee & members the outcome of such meetings

   iii) ensuring a copy of any Minutes from these meetings is placed on their Club           noticeboard

   iv) ensuring that any other notices etc are placed on their Club noticeboard ie           Calendar of events, Contact list, Generic Rules, etc. and that they are up to date.          

b)  The Committee shall meet at whatever frequency it deems necessary with no less than 6   meetings per year with at least 40% of member Clubs forming a quorum.

   At any such meeting the Chairperson shall have the casting vote in the event of any tied   decision on any matter not related to that position.

c)  Officers failing to attend at least FOUR meetings within their year of office shall be   deemed to have resigned their position unless a valid reason for such absence is given to     and accepted by the Committee. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt   replacements for such resigned officers without calling an Extraordinary General   Meeting.

d)  The Committee shall have the powers to form sub-committees as and when necessary      for a period of up to 11 (eleven) months and sub-committees may co-opt such persons           that they consider have special skills to serve on such sub-committees providing that the   number of such co-opted members do not form a majority. All resolutions of the sub-   committee shall be referred to the LLB Committee for ratification unless the LLB   Committee has given the sub-committee delegated powers to do otherwise.

e)  At meetings of the Committee a proposal or an amendment to a proposal must be put   forward by a Member Club or Officer, and seconded by another Member Club or        Officer before final voting takes place. Whenever the Committee has reached a decision           at any meeting and has confirmed that decision by subsequently adopting the minutes,            no proposal to vary that decision shall be considered for a 6 (six) months period after it          has been confirmed, save where an event outside the control of the LLB makes a   variation necessary.



   The Chairperson will attend LLB Committee meetings and give reports on Provincial   matters.

   If He / She is unable to attend a meeting they may delegate a member of the Provincial   Selectors to attend and make a report.




   The Provincial Selectors will meet to select Provincial Teams and discuss other   Provincial matters at times and venues to be set by themselves.

   They do not attend LLB Committee meetings as selectors. However they may attend   meetings in the capacity of delegate for their own club. Should they attend in this   capacity they must declare in interest when Provincial matters are being discussed   between the Provincial Chairperson and the Committee and may not take part.

   They may make recommendations through their Chairperson for consideration by the       LLB Committee.

   No More than two (2) persons from any one (1) Club may act as Provincial Selectors at      the same time.



   The Treasurers shall keep proper accounts and present them at the Annual General   Meeting. The Annual Accounts shall be prepared to 1st March and submitted to an   auditor. Treasurers' reports shall be given at each LLB meeting. Bank accounts        shall be maintained in the name of the CBBA and all cheques or withdrawals are to be   authorised by any Two of the Three signatories authorised by the LLB committee.

   The LLB cheque books should be available at all times and in the possession of one of      these persons.




   An auditor shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting for each fiscal year. Such      auditor shall not be an officer of the LLB nor a relative of an officer.

   The auditor if possible shall attend the AGM or, if unable to be present should provide      the Secretary with a written report to be read out at the AGM.





a)  Initially any complaints or allegations against a Club or its member(s) made by

   another Club or its member(s) should be made in writing by the Club Secretary of        the complainant to the Secretary of the Club involved. It is hoped that the Clubs

   involved, through their own Complaints/Disciplinary procedures can resolve the

   matter satisfactorily.

   If not then ....

b)  Any Member Club or any individual member of any Member Club may make a   complaint to the LLB against another Member Club or any of its members that alleges   misconduct or conduct likely to bring the game or the LLB into disrepute. Such   complaint must be in writing and delivered to the Secretary of the LLB 2 (two) weeks       prior to any Committee meeting. The Complainant shall also send a copy of the written   complaint to the Club Secretary or the Member about whom the complaint is made. If       this ruling is not complied with the LLB Committee will not consider the matter.

c)  If the LLB Committee considers the complaint both merits and is suitable for   consideration by the LLB as a possible infringement of the disciplinary code ( as   opposed to a matter for Arbitration under item 1(b) of the opening section of this   Constitution ) a sub-committee shall be appointed to meet within 14 (fourteen) days of   appointment to consider the matter. Thereafter the sub-committee may adjourn to        further dates, where necessary, to complete its enquiries, but shall act as expeditiously as   possible. The sub-committee shall notify the parties involved of all meetings of the sub-   committee when evidence and argument is to be heard, and of their right to be present,      make representations and call witnesses. Once the sub-committees decision is made it           will be communicated to the parties involved.

d)  Any party against whom the complaint is proved in whole or in part, or who considers       the disciplinary penalty imposed is unreasonable, may appeal in writing against the   decision to the Secretary of the LLB within 14 (fourteen) days. The appeal will be then   considered by an Appeals Committee consisting of, The President, Chairperson and   Secretary. In the event of one of these Officers having an interest a Neutral third   member will be appointed by the other Two Officers.

e)  Any Club or individual Club member can be reprimanded or otherwise disciplined as   determined by the sub - committee. or Appeals Committee. The penalties that may be   imposed under this Code shall be, Admonishment, Reprimand, or Suspension from   playing for a fixed period in any competition sponsored or organised by the LLB.

   Any such penalty shall be made known at the next meeting of the Committee.




   All play and competitions shall be in accordance with the Laws of the Game currently in      force in Spain unless amended by the Controlling Body of that competition and shall be   binding on all participants at all times.




   The LLB Committee shall have the power to make such bye-laws as it is deemed   advisable for the management of the LLB and the conduct of play, these bye-laws to be   ratified etc the next Annual General or Extraordinary Meeting whichever is sooner. The   Committee may make provision for any contingency not provided for in the foregoing       rules.

   These provisions and bye-laws shall be posted in a prominent place on the notice boards     of Member Clubs and shall be binding until ratified at the aforementioned meeting.


   NOTE: It should be appreciated that no code of laws governing a game has yet   achieved such perfection as to cope with every situation. The code of laws governing      bowls is no exception. Unusual incidents not definitely provided for in the laws   frequently occur. It is well therefore to remember that the laws have been framed in the      belief that true sportsmanship will prevail, that in the absence of any express rule,   common-sense will find a way to complete a happy solution to a knotty problem.