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 Organised bowls tours to Spain are directed through the LLB Tour Co-ordinator and come via Personal Touch, Ron Scott of Bowling Abroad & Holiday Heat

 The costs for such tours-ie fees payable to the LLB, green fees and cost of meals are all arranged through the Tour Co-ordinator and must be adhered to. Green fees are currently priced at 8 Euros per person per match with soup & filled rolls or sandwiches at 4 Euros. Non players on the same tour pay the same price for soup & rolls as players.

In the case of Bowling Abroad, they will arrange their own matches and meals, I only get the itinerary.

 Clubmembers may have connections with a club in the UK and wish to arrange a match with them, this is acceptable providing that it is one match only -  a Private Tour - over and above this it becomes a Full Tour and must go through the tours coordinator and;

 a)        They accept full responsibility for the match and all costs involved with no recourse to the LLB and / or

      The LLB Tour Co-ordinator

 b)        They notify the LLB Tour Co-ordinator of all such

Arrangements to ensure they do not clash with other organised tours which pay us


Clubs are asked not to accept matches from clubs outside of Spain as this takes valuable dates for which tours organisers

pay us and makes the tour coordinators job more time


May I also ask that on completion of your term of office,

You pass on all relevant information to whoever takes

Over from you,  saving a lot of problems in the future