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Constitution - Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls

Purpose                    To promote, develop and organise an annual programme of lawn bowling events in the Almeria Province for the benefit of all club bowlers.

Composition         Two delegates shall represent each member club. These shall be the only voting members on the committee.

                                    Posts.   Chairperson.  Administrator. Competition secretary.  Treasurer. Press.  FAB  Representative. Trophies.

                                    Some of these posts may be held by delegates.

Duties and Responsibilities

                                    Meetings.  The delegates will elect a Chairperson annually in September at the commencement of the programme of events who will co-ordinate a meetings schedule.

                                    Administrator.  Will take, circulate and file all minutes and records of all CALB meetings and decisions.

                                    Finance.  The Treasurer will maintain all aspects of Income and Expenditure and present an Annual Statement of Accounts to the committee for ratification.

                                    Competitions.  The competitions secretary will ensure all the events are in the calendar, produce and circulate calling notices, draw sheets and results.

                                    Press.  To include drafting and sending reports/ photographs of CALB finals to local newspapers, also Internet website “Bowling in Spain”.  If required, report to local radio stations on events.

FAB Representative.   Will advise the CALB committee of current affairs involving FAB events and competitions.

Trophies to be engraved as and when necessary.  All competition trophy winners will be recorded and filed.

General Responsibilities

Create a programme of events ensuring variation to include Inter-Club Leagues, eliminating competitions and championships throughout the playing season.

Ensure all CALB events are scheduled to avoid all FEB and FAB events.

Create sets of regulations and conditions of play and act as the Controlling Body for all CALB  events.

Ensure all events are open to federated and non-federated bowlers.

Ensure full compliance with World Bowls Laws (Crystal Mark Edition) and FEB Domestic  Regulations.

Liaise with the following organisations as and when required:

Costa Almeria Winter Triples League (CAWTL)

Federacion Andaluza de Bolos Delegacion  Almeriense (FAB)

Federacion Espanola de Bolos(FEB)

Costa Almeria Umpires and Markers Association (CAUMA)

            Costa Almeria Lawn Bowls Committee