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Who can Play in What? - Andalusian Bowling Federation

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These are the FAB regulations

Official Competitions: all those included in the calendar approved by the Federation. This does not mean that they are sponsored by the Federation. 

Unofficial Competitions: they also must have a publicly recognized organizer (governing body), such as Provincial and Municipal Sports Delegations, Universities, legally registered Club Associations, legally registered Clubs, etc.

Conditions for entry in an Official Open Competition:

Players who belong to an Andalucian Club: FAB Regional Licence €15.

Players belonging to another Spanish regional federation (eg Valencia): National License €34.

Players from other countries must be in possession of a National Licence of their own country.

‘Opens’  (Club Annual Competitions)

A National Licence is the normal licence relevant to England, Wales, Scotland or any other country. 

If a visitor to a club wishes to play in an ‘Open’, as long as that person is a full member of a club in Britain (or other country) then they will automatically have their own national Federation membership.  It is not necessary to ask for proof of this as we must take that person on trust.

Insurance cover is automatically available through a club’s public liability insurance, and for holiday makers, perhaps through their travel insurance.

‘Opens’, Federated Events and League Matches

All annual or 6-monthly federated members of a club can play in any competitions at other clubs, and also in the Leagues.  However, if a visitor comes for a period, say a month or two, and pays a club monthly subscription fee, then that person automatically becomes a member of that club.  In this case he/she has to pay a Federation Membership Fee of €15 to play in any ‘Open’ or Federation event, and is also eligible to play in any League Matches if that is according to the statutes/constitution of that club.

Internal Club Competitions and Champion of Champions

With effect from next season, anyone entering the Singles Championship to identify the club’s representative must, at the time of entry be regionally Federated and confirm they will be available to represent their club in the Champion of Champions competition which is a Federated event.  All the Clubs are entitled to organize  parallel singles competition with the participation of the  Leisure Federated members.          

Marion Allen and Bixio Foletti
FAB Malaga Delegation

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