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15/03/2017 - Umpires Expenses

In follow up to our discussions at the AGM please find below a summary of the requirements for claiming umpires subsistence allowance

As you all know the extra 300 federation fees this year allows umpires to claim their daily subsistence allowance. This allowance is 25 for a full day and 20 for half a day which INCLUDES any mileage
To help anyone claiming this allowance there are a few qualifying procedures 
1. The allowance is only available to registered Federated umpires at Federated calendar events. 2. You will need to register as a federation umpire each year, the fee is 25 for those who umpire in the Andalusian regional and 36 for those who wish to to umpire nationally. This amount is not payable with your application but will be deducted from your first claim and is payable yearly. 
3. It is important to note that the clubs do NOT pay this allowance at the time of umpiring. It will be paid on submission of a fully completed claim form, in Spanish, completed in black or blue apart from the signature which must be in blue pen, legible and in capital letters, no spelling or grammar errors and no corrections or it will be rejected. This form then needs to be sent to me, as I have to account for everything one month in arrears. They are then scrutinised by the FAB and then authorised for payment, please be aware that this process can take from 6 weeks to not quite sure yet. 
4. For me to be able to make your payment I will need 
      a. A current email address. 
      b. Your Spanish 24 digit alpha numerical bank account number. 
5. Obviously as you now get a cash allowance, clubs will no longer be obliged to supply food and drink free of charge, nor pay mileage.
6. Please be aware that once these extra federation fees run out then NO more expenses can be paid. This may mean that if the funds run out part way through the year there will be no more allowances paid for the rest of that year. 
I would be grateful if you would advise me by return 
1. If you wish to register as a regional 25, or a national 36, 2017 federated umpire (deducted from first claim each year)
2. Please supply your 24 digit Spanish bank Account number for payment of claims

Click here for a copy of the Claim Form. Print off a copy, leave it blank but sign it at the bottom, under EL INTERESADO in BLUE, then give it to the comp sec, unfolded, at the event every time you umpire.
If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind Regards
Julian Thomas, FAB Malaga Delegation Treasurer