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Zurgena Bowling Club

Bowling Club de Zurgena: Established 2015

 Address :         Calle Bahia de Cadiz

La Alfoquia Norte





Telephone          634 33 59 88        ( club)

                           629 311 200         ( secretary)

 President            David Belsey                      tel  634 332 135

Secretary             Keith Porter                       tel  629 311 200  

email: zurgenabc@gmail.com

Comp. Sec.         Stuart Stansfield              tel 667 302 180

Club email          zurgenabc@gmail.com

Website              www.zurgenabc.com

Green & Bowlers.

Bowlers               The Bowling Club de Zurgena welcomes bowlers of all standards and encourages novice bowlers.

Tuition for novices is available free of charge, with no additional cost for the use of club bowls. 

We are proud to have 3 Student/junior members, and hope to encourage more to join.


Tours etc             Whilst accepting we are a new club, in 2017 we  welcomed a team from France to play against us and  in October 2018 we are being visited by a team from the UK.


Additional info.                The Bowling club de Zurgena  is moving forward at quite a rapid pace with the site being  developed at regular intervals. More improvements are scheduled for 2018.

                                Although we started off with the vast majority of our bowlers being complete novices , the standard of bowling has improved immensely.

                                We pride ourselves on being a very sociable club and enjoy ” fun bowls” days with BBQs and hog roasts, and look to develop this side of the club in the hope of catering for the needs of all members and visitors.           


Full membership  

   €120  per annum
       6 months         €70


     Student/junior         €15 per annum 
 Daily       €4 ( includes shoes if required)







Why not email your Spanish regional championships report and items of special interest to www.bowlinginspain.com?  Where appropriate, please accompany the report with photos.

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