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Skills Improvement Session at Miraflores Bowling Club

Oct. 2013

Report by John Carr.

At the invitation of Craig Lewis, Club Manager, the Coordinator for Malaga province Instructors Group, John Carr, ran morning of intensive training for bowlers at Miraflores BC in October. The weather was hot and challenging, but participants from the host club & a contingent from Mijas BC, were full of enthusiasm.

The subjects included: Casting the Jack, Improving Weight, Using other bowls in the head, Improving Line, Reading the Head & Building the Head. At the break all assembled in the clubhouse for welcome refreshments, where John Carr talked about the need for concentrating on specific skills improvement, rather than perpetual “roll ups”, involving mainly drawing to the jack. Gordon Adams, President of the Malaga Umpires & Markers group, then gave a brief but authoritive dissertation on Etiquette and some of the more important Laws of the Lawn Bowling sport.

Rink Marshalls, Barry Pemberton, Dennis Hanley, Garry Aldridge, Sue Walker & Terry Morgan did an excellent job as Rink Marshalls.

The attendees were:-

Alice Christie, Barbara Dixon, Brenda Collier, Carol Wright, Christine Peasay, David Peasay, George Christie, Hazel Kilmartin, John Dixon, John Fairgrieve, Mike Kinane, Pam Kinane, Sheila Graveling, Shirley Jackson.

Craig & Sandra Lewis performed their customary role as excellent hosts.


If your club would like to run coaching sessions on any subjects relating to Lawn Bowls, including Beginners, Skill Improvement or Marking, please contact John Carr at johndavidcarr@bowlinginspain.com.


Dennis Hanley looks on as bowlers discuss Reading the Head.

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