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Miraflores St Patrick's Day

March 2017 - Miraflores BC

Photos & text by Grant Frost, text editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr.


It has long been a tradition at Miraflores Bowls to hold a fun Bowling day on Saint’s Days. This year the committee decided to re-introduce some unorthodox games for the St. Patrick’s day event to make it even more entertaining! Nearly 50 people turned up to join in the fun from both our members and our casual visitors. To add to the enjoyment we were blessed with glorious sunshine all day.

 The format for the event was 3 short games of 6 end drawn triples.The first session had all bowls scoring that were within 1 metre of the jack which led to some high scoring games (a credit to the quality of play!), the second session had the jack set in the middle of the rink with the teams bowling from opposite ends (very difficult as this meant bowling to a much shorter distance than usual), finally all the bowls were bowled before the jack was delivered by the skip (hilarious as most skips were hopeless at sending the jack to the right place!)

 After each session the winners moved on to play the losers on the next rink. The overall winner being decided by games won and then shot difference. Of the 16 teams only 3 remained undefeated throughout! Namely, Grant, Sheila & Val, John, George & Brenda and Brenda, Alan & John. Brenda’s team won on shot difference with John & Grant equal second with identical shot differences. Sadly, none of the Irish contingent were amongst the winners, but they had already had a good Cheltenham Festival! However, Victor from the Irish contingent did win the prize for best dressed!

 Once the bowling activity finished everybody enjoyed a Barbecue organised by Heather, Terry, Sandra and Steph who run the bar and finally as the temperature started to drop everyone took their leave from an event that all agreed had been a great deal of fun!


Photo L to R: Alan, James (President) and Brenda (John had to leave early!).


Photo L to R: Val, Grant & Sheila, James (President), Brenda, George & John.

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