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Benavista Club Championship

Feb 2018 - Benavista BC

Photos & report by Janet Holden, photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

The Club's Annual Championships were held recently and consisted of drawn triples, drawn pairs and Men's & Ladies Singles
 matches, played over an eight date period.  The Trips final was between Chris Cooper, Gordon Adams & Malcolm Greenwood
and Aileen Beedie, Diana Johnson & Mike Old.  Surprisingly this was quite a one sided match with Aileen, Diana & Mike winning 
25-5, when the opposition conceded after 12 ends.  The Drawn Pairs final was between Hazel Gutteridge & Medi Akooh and Diana
 Johnson & Phil Gutteridge. Diana & Phil came out winners 22-15 after a very close game up to the 17th end. The Ladies Singles
 final was between Eleanor Morgan & Hazel Gutteridge.  Eleanor had come from behind to win two matches on her way to the final
 but, after a very close game for several ends, Hazel went ahead to win the final 21-10.  Hazel will now represent Benavista Bowls Club
 in the Champion of Champions Competition at Santa Maria Bowls Club on 19th March. Bill Davies will represent the Club in the Men's
Ladies Singles Winner & Finalist with Organiser.

Photo L to R: Hazel Gutteridge, Bill Davies & Elena Morgan.

Finalists Drawn Pairs with Organiser.

Photo L to R: Medi Akooh, Bill Davies & Hazel Gutteridge.

Drawn Triples Winners.

Photo L to R: Diana Johnson, Mike Old & Aileen Beedie. 

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