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Almeria Joe McCraw Singles

March 2018 - Almeria BC

Report by Vic Parsons, photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

2018 Joe McCraw Two Wood( Metre Stick) Singles

Once again it was nice to see the very good support for our Two Wood Singles (Metre Stick) knockout competition with 36 entries, which began after the preliminaries were played on 18th and was completed Sunday 21st January.
This is played as the title suggests with two woods and played to twenty-one ends. The winner being, the first to twenty-one shots within the metre stick or with the most shots on completion of twenty-one ends.
The winner was Christine Parkinson who beat Tony Lear in a game that had everything in bowling skill sets, but unfortunately for Tony, Christine was on fire and won well. Christine played Stephen Byatt in her semi-final and was again in a mean mind and again won comfortable. Tony played Eieleen Phoenix who was not able to reach the standard she had played in previous rounds with Tony playing well and winning with ease.

Once again the standard of bowling was excellent throughout the competition On completion our Captain Reg Birmingham thanked Tony Lear for running the competition and thanked all players for taking part, markers, who without we couldn’t run the competition, Colin wright for umpiring, Brian Hughes and John Fitzgerald for the green preparation

This report can be read with photographs on our website www.bowlingalmeria.com

Winner & Finalist,

Photo L to R: Christine Parkinson & Tony Lear.

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