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Santa Maria Challenge

Report by Garry & Jenny Aldridge, photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

Rain Stops Play!

The competition used to be held at the end of March, but this year it was put forward to beginning of the month. There was a huge entry for all disciplines, but unfortunately, nature took over and the heavens opened, which meant a delay of a week. This unfortunately saw a lot of participants withdraw due to other commitments. Thanks to Susan Walker and help from Rosemary Hussey re-shuffling the start times, the show went on and was a great success, despite the bad weather and saw some excellent bowling throughout.

Mixed 4s

Geoff Edginton, Nick Cummins, Pat Baker, Mary Detheridge, against Barry Pemberton, Dave Townsend, John & Eleanor Morgan. Geoff's team were 7 - 2 down at the start but pulled back to win 20-11.

Mixed triples

Theo Bellart,Nel Bellart, Manolo Suarez, against Phil Baldry,Jayne Richardson, June Baldry. It was a tight game all the way, but Theo's team came through to win 16-12.


Geoff Edginton & Pat Baker, against Jeff Turner & Bill Gregory. Jeff and Bill took an early lead, but it was short lived as Geoff and Pat were on their game and went into the lead. Jeff and Bill clawed their way back to 9-15 with one end to go, but lost three, bringing the score to 18-9 to Pat and Geoff.

Santa Maria would like to give a special thanks to de Vere spain, Cool Deals and Avalon Funeral Care for sponsoring this event.

Pairs Winners  with Sponsor. Photo L to R: Pat Baker, Geoff Edginton & Sponsor.

Sponsored by



Triples Winners with Sponsor. Photo L to R: Sponsor, Theo Bellart,Nel Bellart, Manolo Suarez.

Sponsored by

Triples Winners with Sponsor. Photo L to R: Sponsors, Nick Cummins, Mary Detheridge, Pat Baker, Geoff Edginton & Sponsor.

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