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Lauro Golf BC Open Day

May 2018 - Lauro Golf BC

Report by Ron Jones, photo editing  by Amber Dineen & John Carr. 

When Lauro Golf Bowls Club had their base repaired and a new “Greengauge” carpet laid, they wanted to invite members of all the other Clubs in Malaga Province to experience the new surface.

The seemingly endless rain in March and April meant the Open Day was delayed and postponed until May 4th.

With Lauro’s famous generosity they waived all green fees and threw in a free lunch for the 48 bowlers from other Clubs who responded to the invitation. There were actually a few more than that who wanted to play but it was decided to limit the numbers to 8 rinks of Triples.

The Open Day was to be a “fun day” with no competition to win or lose and aimed at bringing together as many combinations of bowlers as possible. Everyone bowled with 15 different bowlers and against 18 more on 6 different rinks. It gave people a chance the meet and enjoy the company of fellow bowlers they may not otherwise have the opportunity outside a competitive environment.

It certainly seemed popular with laughter and banter the order of the day. There was a lot of good things to say about the new surface, which while not perfect is a big improvement on the old one.

“If you can’t bowl on this, you can’t bowl at all” said one. “That rink was just about perfect” said another.

Even the weather played its part with a storm threatening to ruin it and then harmlessly drifting away at the last minute.

Club Chairman, Ron Jones, welcomed the guests and thanked them for coming along and making the day a success. Murray Johns from Don Pablo Bowls Club responded on behalf of the visitors, thanking Lauro for their hard work, great organisation, warm welcome and generosity.

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