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La Posada Club Championships

Mar./April 2018 - La PosadaBC

Report by Jeff Rowe, Competition Organiser, Photos by Tony Parsons & Shelley Greenwood, photo editing  by John Carr. 

Four disciplines in this yearís Championships were held during the last week of March. They comprised the Novice Singles (only open to entries from members who have never before won a bowls singles tournament); the Ladies Pairs, the Menís Pairs and the Mixed Pairs.

The Novice Singles saw Doug Pritchett and Dennis Hughes winning through to the final. After coming close to going out in the first round, Doug ended up winning the event. He took a 9-1 lead in the early stages and never relinquished that lead, going on to win comfortably by 23 shots to 12.

After a round robin event in the Ladies Singles, the final featured Maureen Fewings and Julie Banfield up against Margaret Baxter and Jean Dickson. This turned out to be fairly one sided affair, with the more experienced pair of Maureen and Julie leading by 18 shots to 3 when Margaret and Jean conceded the match after 13 ends.

In the Menís Pairs, there was an extremely close semi-final between Ken Crofts & Dennis Hughes and Nigel Snaith & Georg Hamblin. After the scheduled 18 ends, the score was tied at 21 - 21, which meant they would have to play a sudden death extra end to decide the match. Ken & Dennis managed to get the one shot they needed and progressed to the final, where they came up against Stuart Brickley and Mike Banfield. With the scores level after 4 ends, Stuart & Mike then took the lead and went on to win by 22 shots to 10.

The Mixed Pairs final saw previous winners, Maureen Fewings and Georg Hamblin, up against Janis Rowe and Ken Crofts, and what a tense and exciting match it turned out to be. After 13 ends and with only 5 to play, Maureen & Georg seemed to have the match under their control, leading 14-9. However, Janis & Ken hung on in there and picked up one shot on each of those last 5 ends, leveling the score at 14-14 after the scheduled 18 ends. So, a sudden death extra end was needed to decide the final. After Maureen had bowled against Ken, team Maureen and Georg were one shot up. It was then down to Georg and Janis. Georg put another bowl into the count and Janis found herself two down with only her last bowl to play to try to save the match, and what a bowl it was. In it came, picked up the jack and rolled it back towards two of hers and Kenís bowls and, suddenly, from being 2 shots down, they were 3 up! Georg was unable to get close with his last bowl, leaving Janis & Ken as the winners of a great final.

The final two disciplines in this yearís Championships, the Ladies and Menís Singles, were held over 3 days in mid April.In the Ladies event, it came as no surprise to see the two most experienced players, Maureen Fewings and Julie Banfield, winning their way fairly comfortably through to meet each other in the final. After Maureen had won the first 3 ends and taken a 5-0 lead, Julie then picked up her game, winning the next 7 ends to go ahead 15-5. Although Maureen managed to rally somewhat, that deficit proved too much for her to overcome and Julie ran out the winner by 21 shots to 12.

In the Menís event, last yearís Novice Singles winner, Nigel Snaith, and defending champion, Jeff Rowe, each won their way through 3 matches to get to the final, and what a classic of a match it turned out to be. Nigel took an early lead of 6-1, only for Jeff to level things up at 6-6. Nigel went ahead again at 11-6, but Jeff came back to level again at 11-11. Jeff got in front for the first time at 15-12, but Nigel then picked up 4 shots in one end to go back in front at 16-15. Nigel stretched his lead to 19-16 and had the winning post of 21 shots firmly in his sights. However, Jeff got it back to 19-17 and, on the next end held 4 shots, and the match, leaving Nigel with one bowl left to save it. And save it he did, rolling in to cut it down from 4 to Jeff to just 1. With Nigel now holding a slender lead of 19-18, what turned out to be the final end saw some top class bowling from both players. 7 out of the 8 bowls played surrounded the jack, close enough to be covered by the size of a tea towel, but it was 3 of Jeffís bowls which turned out to be the closest, giving him the 3 shots he needed to win 21-19. What a match! 

Menís & Ladies Singles Winners and Finalists.

Photo L to R: Nigel Snaith, Jeff Rowe, Julie Banfield, Maureen Fewings.

Menís Pairs Winners.

Photo L to R: Stuart Brickley & Mike Banfield.

Ladies Pairs Winners.

Photo L to R: Maureen Fewings & Julie Banfield.

Novice Singles Winner - Doug Pritchett.

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