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La Posada Tri-Club League Trophy

Aug. 2019 - La Posada, Mijas and Saydo Bowls Clubs

Report by by Jeff Rowe, Photo by Sheila Wilson, photo editing  by John Carr. 

During July and August, La Posada, Mijas and Saydo Bowls Clubs competed against one another home and away on a league basis. The format was 4 x triples per match, but with an interesting and refreshingly different scoring format, devised by John Wilson from Mijas.

The 18 ends were split into 3 sets of 6 ends each, with 2 points awarded for a set win and an additional 2 points for the winners of each game on their overall scores. So, 8 points were available in each of the 4 triples games, 32 in total for the match.

After 2 matches each, Mijas were league leaders, having played and won both their 2 home games, 28-4 against Saydo and 23-9 against La Posada. La Posada were in second place, having won at Saydo 21-11.

La Posada then had home advantage for their final 2 matches. The first of these was against Saydo which they won comfortably 28-4, giving them a lead at the top of 7 points over Mijas. So, the crunch game was going to be La Posada against Mijas, with La Posada looking to score as many points as possible in order to give Mijas a job to do in their final match at Saydo. La Posada managed a complete reversal of the scores in their earlier match at Mijas, winning this one 23-9.

So, Mijas travelled to Saydo for their final match, needing a win and 22 points to overhaul La Posada at the top. They managed the win but only by 18-14, leaving La Posada as the league winners by just 3 points, a very close run affair.

To round things off, an enjoyable social evening was held at Saydo, attended by members of all 3 Clubs, when the trophy was presented to the La Posada team.

 Winners, La Posada team.

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