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Submitted by June Jones 




1.         That the Calendar shows fixtures in the North & South of Alicante and entries on the

            same dates by both North & South Clubs be allowed.


2.         That the present system of consulting with the Co-ordinator remains.


3.         That any Club who wishes to appeal to a decision by the Co-ordinator takes the matter

            to the next LLB Committee meeting for a decision by other Clubs in their

            geographical area and no other form of appeal be allowed.


4.         The system of allowing each Club 2 entries on the Calendar before October 1st be retained.

            However any subsequent entries received at the same time or later will be shown in the Calendar,

            marked *** to denote that they exceed the ruling and  subject to not requested by another Club.


5.         The months of March - October inc. each year are to be kept free for winter season

            leagues especailly a Wednesday. There are a few weeks exceptions where leagues are

            not played that can be used for other events - refer to the Calendar Co-ordinator.


6.         The following entries will be pre-set every year to ensure that they take place.  It is up

            to the organisations involved to advise of any change required.

            These dates take preference over any Club events to be submitted for the calendar.


            Champion of Champions,   SA Triples Competition,   SA Knockout Competition finals,

             Spanish Nationals,  Presidents Cup,   Federation Cup,  Valencian Championships


            No Club may organise/host/hold any event whilst the Champion of Champions, Spanish Nationals, or 

            Valencian Championships are taking place. (agreed 18/10/16)


7.         The Calendar will run for the current year and the following year showing only a maximum of 2 years at any one time.


8.         The dates for Committee Meetings  will also be included in the Calendar.




June Jones

LLB Secretary & Calendar Co-ordinator

October 2016