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Hello everyone.

Your Club Representatives on the MAIN Committee will now have received their copy of the Fixtures for the forthcoming Season. Out of courtesy I am forwarding a copy to the important group of people who I liaise with on a weekly basis i.e. those who co-ordinate the weekly League activity for their respective Clubs.

I am aware of personnel changes on the Provincial Committee and it could be that a number of you are not acting as Co-ordinators of your Clubs for next Season. However, I can only work with the information to hand, hence my using the existing names in my possession. If there are any changes it would be appreciated if you could advise of those which are already in place and, of course, of any subsequent changes as soon as they are known. I can then amend the Contact List for subsequent circulation.

You should now be aware that Saydo has joined our Ranks and they are a welcome addition to our Bowling Community and League activity. I would therefore ask you to note that Margaret Finch is your current point of contact ( e-mail : marjak729@yahoo.co.uk ). This means that, as things stand, there are 9 x sides in both the Tigers and Lions Leagues and the extra fixtures has resulted in the dates of the pre-Christmas and post-Christmas Calendar being changed. Having received details of the dates to work with, I have now been able to finalise the Fixtures as per the attachment. These will appear in the 2017/18 Handbook which Amber Dineen is now finalising and I'm sure you'll all like to join with me in thanking her for this valuable contribution.

Wherever possible I've attempted to ensure that NO Club, other than Benavista who currently have 3 x sides competing, has more than one HOME fixture on a Friday. Unfortunately there are instances where this has not been possible and I apologise to those Clubs affected. I spent a considerable amount of time working on the fixtures and what you have received is the best I can do under the circumstances without the aid of a Computer programme.

You will note that, in the case of the Lions' League, we are using the 26 January ( i.e. the BYE in the Tigers' League caused by the Team Malaga v Team Spain fixture ) to bring forward the final Match. In order to minimise disruption, I've inserted the reverse fixture of that played on 8 December thus maintaining a direct reverse of fixtures on all other dates.

If there are changes to the number of sides entered in either League, I may look to change the Fixture List accordingly to ensure there are a minimum of BYES and reduce the length of the Season accordingly. Withdrawals from the Lions' League last Season, and not adjusting the Fixture List, resulted in a disjointed programme. Hopefully this will not be necessary and every Club will have sufficient Members to fulfil their commitment.

I will, prior to the start of next Season, be circulating an Information Pack to all Club Co-ordinators. This will contain a full list of Club Contacts and a listing of "what you can and can't do" etc in "lay terms" so they are easy to understand and implement. This, hopefully, will ensure we can continue to work effectively together. 

In closing I should like to make everyone aware of the lack of FREE dates available should it be necessary to re-schedule a Match in the event of a postponement due to adverse weather. In the Information Pack I circulate, I will highlight possible "fall-back dates" should re-scheduling be necessary. Believe me they are difficult to find due to the very full Calendar which has been agreed.  

If anyone has any queries please do not hesitate in getting back to me by return.

Kind regards to you all and have a great Summer, wherever you are.

Murray Johns   


Why not email your Spanish regional championships report and items of special interest to www.bowlinginspain.com?  Where appropriate, please accompany the report with photos.

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