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 Malaga - 20+ Years of Bowls

January 2010 - Miraflores BC

Report by Don Fisher & Photos by John Carr.

Costa del Sol - 20+ Years Re-Union.

Derek and Pam Shemmings were talking the other day, (they still do occasionally) and came up with the idea that it would be nice to meet up with all bowlers who had been playing here from 1990. This was duly held last Thursday 7th January at Miraflores Bowls Club. As you can imagine there was much talk of “ do you remember when” and many, many reminiscences which accounted for many tales of daring do. 30 “old” bowlers turned up, not as many as hoped but some couldn’t make it for a variety of reasons, (some were not with us anymore, others sick and the rain put paid to the rest).

Derek had asked some of us to bring pictures of “all our yesterdays” and these caused a certain amount of merriment. Whoever would have believed that Don Fisher was ever that young and Derek Shemmings used to be good looking! Daphne Steel was a young slender bowler when she won her first prize as one of the photographs shows, not a great deal of difference to now. Denis Taylor was still as slender as ever,(he told me quietly that Jean does not feed him well). Young Geoff Land was there of course, Derek didn’t invite him but he turned up anyway, with his young bride Doreen.

John Young came out of retirement and almost had a drink and he and Don talked long about their past association during the earlier years of bowls on the coast. It was also nice to see Edwin Hewitt who doesn’t bowl now but was in fine form. Pam showed some films ( we wont mention the blue one Derek) of Miraflores opening, as well as the 1995 open held at Miraflores and whilst this was in progress served a variety of snacks and mucho red wine, very nice. There was a draw for a prize ( there was no bowling due to the weather and conversation) and the winning triple, Christine Sims, Pam Cole and Dorothy Nuttall and were presented with a fantastic mug each. As Derek said, we used to be proud to play for cups in those days.

I want to make special mention here of one ex bowler who did arrive. Joe Savignon, is now 93 and is still talking very fondly of when Mijas opened, he was one of 4 people who opened it, and the opening of the Mijas Hotel bowls opening, this one no longer exists) but it was great to see him there. For those who do not know Mijas was opened by Joe, Ramon Haba, Joan and Geoff Whitton. By the way, the youngest bowler present was Diane Chambers, who produced a note from her Mum, allowing her to stay out until 6 o’clock!

Derek spoke then as to why he had arranged this and Don Fisher replied for the guests. As was said, a New Year wish was that bowls could get back the spirit, enthusiasm and support from all clubs which existed in the times which we were celebrating.

Attended by :-

Christine Sims
Daphne Steel
Dave and Marion Jones
Dennis and Jean Taylor
Derek and Pam Shemmings
Diane Chambers
Don and Pat Fisher
Dorothy Nuttall
Dorothy Pilmore
Edwin Hewitt
Geoff and Doreen Land
Joan Whitton
Joe and Yvonne Savignon
John and Pat Young
John Carr
Lily Gardner
Margaret Watson
Pam and Ron Cole
Pam and Ron Dunn
Stan Abbey
Tony Winterton.

John Carr, webmaster of www.bowlinginspain.com, collected volumes of vintage photos from a number of attendees and promised to publish a selection on the “Memory Lane” section of the website. Watch that space!

Why not email your Spanish regional championships report and items of special interest to www.bowlinginspain.com?  Where appropriate, please accompany the report with photos.

Events News


The Ladies Singles Final saw the only member from Mijas showing the flag for the Club. Lynda Hall from Mijas tried to put up a good fight against Mary Detheridge from Superbowl , but was beaten by an on form Mary who won by 21 shots to 14.