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Costa del Sol BC  1981

This is a picture taken after a match in March 1981 on the steps of the then Pontinental Hotel.
It is a mixture of members of the Cost Del Sol Bowling Club and visitors/competitors from the UK.
There was a triple and single competitions going on that week.
The only people I can name in the picture are as follows:-

Bottom step : Don Wilce Cheltenham B. C.
Second step : 4th from right in blazer Morris Webster Cheltenham B. C., 6th from right
or 2nd from left Norma Shaw an England international
Fourth step : from right : Geoffrey Hack Cheltenham Whaddon B. C.(Me), Jim Robinson Cheltenham B. C., the next person in the blue cap won the singles competition Costa Del Sol B. C., the last person is Carmen Nataro Bridgewater B. C. who use to play lead for an Italian Boules team and lead well in the game on that day.

Of the rest above this step, is a young man with dark beard and tie, John Preece Bridgewater B. C.

I apologise for forgetting the names of some of the others which I knew then, perhaps some of your viewers can put names to them.

Geoffrey Hack

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