Assorted Photos - 1990's

Submitted by Tony Catherall

Hello John,
How are you, well I trust and the Costa del Sol Bowls I know is still thriving, a lot to do with your excellent work on your website
I've been going through the scrapbooks of Happy times during the early 1990's on the Coast of Bowling Pictures, memorabilia, programmes etc and thought you might like this further material, for your website.
When I look back at this material, what I do notice and it strikes me now from that wonderful era is generally how well dressed we all were - seemed a lot of pride then both from individuals and the clubs. The Mijas 'Swallows' & 'Swifts' with their co-ordinated T shirts are nice on a club level, Santa Maria, Miraflores & Superbowl outfits were superb I always thought. The smart dress always also gave them an edge over their rivals at the start of and in competitions
The programmes were also colourful and appealing and very well produced. A lot of credit has to be attributed to the days when the L.B.A.E was in existence forerunners if you like of the Federation of today.
So here we are John taken straight out of the Scrapbooks, hopefully for others to see and enjoy.
I have been in touch a couple of times a year with Harry Kinloch (94 I believe and still going strong) he for sure would enjoy these pictures if grandaughter Hayley can show them to him, I will copy her in to this email.
OK then John hope you like the attached.
Warmest wishes from here in Lincolnshire UK.
Tony Catherall, July 2012

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