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Costa del Sol, 1995

Contribitor: Tony Catherall

P01: Audrey Miles, Pam Cole, Daphne Steel Winners 17- 13, Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.
P02: Bill Nuttall, Marion Middleton & Tony Catherall, Miraflores BC.
P03: Bob Sutherland coaching coaches, Mijas Hotel.
P04: Chrissie Sims, Marion Middleton, Pairs Winners Andalucian Championships, Superbow BC.
P05: Joan McIntosh, Pat Fisher, Pairs Finalists,  Andalucian Championships, Superbow BC.
P06: Joyce Dean, Dorothy & Bill Pilmoor, Guanteria Trophy.
P07: Martin Channon, Ron Bissett, pairs winners, 18-17, Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.
P08: Maurice Robinson & Dorrian Ives, Winners, Miraflores Open.
P09: Pam Cole Wins 21-14, Final, Andalucian Championships, Superbowl  BC.
P10: Pat Fisher & Pam Cole, Ladies Finalists,  Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.
P11: Percy Hollins & Jim Chalmers, pairs Runners-up, 17-18, Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.
P12: R.Hogg, Freda Parker, Joan Fox, Runners-up, Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.
P13: Steve & Dorrian Ives Tony Catherall, Winners, Mijas Masters.
P14: Steve Ives & Tony Catherall, Final, Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.
P15: Steve Ives Runner-up at singles Final, Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.
P16: Tony Catherall , Dorrian Ives, David Paine Sporting Breaks Winners, Superbowl BC.
P17: Tony Lee Smith, Shirley Morris & Dave Ankers, Runners-up, Sporting Break, Superbowl BC.
P18: Tony Catherall wins just 21-19, at Andalucian Championships, Superbowl BC.

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