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Santa Maria New Carpet

May 2017

Reports & photos by Graham Robertson & John Carr., text editing & photo processing by Amber Dineen & John Carr.

New Carpet at Santa Maria Bowls Club

Greengauge have installed a new Needle Punch Summer Green coloured bowling surface at Santa Maria Bowls Club on the Costa del Sol.

When Greengauge were contacted regarding replacing the surface it was quickly established that the existing underlay was in good condition and could remain undisturbed as part of the installation process. The old bowling surface was removed new grippers were installed and the Greengauge surface was installed over the existing underlay.

John Warn, a prominent member at Santa Maria, commented that 'by not replacing the underlay, which was the advice from Greengauge, the replacement cost was less than expected and a few of the members decided on that basis that we should go for it! Greengauge throughout the entire process from management through to the installation team have been first class'.

Santa Maria's best were out practising next day and are already in love with their new surface and are very hopeful that membership which has been on the decline will start to see a positive upturn.

Graham Robertson commented 'It's great to see the local bowlers actively getting behind this new Santa Maria bowling green. Their vision and investment I am sure will bring a lot of competitive fun that will be enjoyed by members and visitors for years to come. We are back in Spain next month completing new installations at San Miguel and Indalo Bowls Clubs along with work at Almeria Bowls Club all good signs for bowling in Spain'.

Graham Robertson MD of Greengauge

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Santa Maria’s carpet was looking tired and worn in places, despite  the fact that it still bowled extremely well. A decision was taken to replace it with a new Greengauge carpet. Graham, the managing director of Greenguage was approached and the wheels were set in motion.

The members did some pre-cleaning and maintenance.

DAY 1 ……. Monday the fitters arrived. A little over 3 hours the carpet had been cut, rolled up and moved away from the green with the help of some members. 

DAY 2 ……The underlay and base were really sound and in very good condition so a good clean took place prior to the carpet being laid. The fitters, down on their knees again, secured all the grippers around the green.

DAY 3 ….. The enormous lorry arrived and off loaded the rolls of new carpet together with new scoreboards, mats, jacks and rink markers and numbers. Two sets of wheels and guidance from the men moved the carpet down the slope and along to the green. Why was one carpet white side up, we asked? The answer is because this was the first roll to be laid. A second roll was then laid on top and very carefully stitched together. This second piece was then pulled towards the bank and the stitching rolled flat. Then it was pulled inwards on the green and flattened. Urvin and Stuart down on their knees again and rolling the carpet flat to get two sections in place. Time to get another down before the end of the day. How hard they worked and what really lovely men they were. Naturally of course, they were from the north!

DAY 4  …..  Roll after roll was stitched and flattened, what fantastic workers they were.

DAY 5  ….. The final piece was laid and then attaching to the grippers took place. What a hard job this was but the men continued without any problems being the professionals they were.

DAY 6 …..Final rolling, fitting and stretching took place to make sure everything was correct.

What a pleasure to watch and help these two wonderful, professional, skilled men who have given Santa Maria a new look ready for next season. The members and them have worked really hard to get this new image. Thanks to our men …… John Warn, Geoff Hall, Alan Turner, Garry Aldridge, Arthur Lees, Mike Holberton and Craig Lewis for all their manual work and to Dine for her sewing skills, Pat, Simone, Susan and her daughter Jenny and friend Hayley for cleaning and sweeping.

Thomas, our owner, should be really  proud to own this lovely complex and have such good loyal members who care about the bowls club.

Thank you Graham,   Greengauge,  Urvin and Stuart for the excellent work. 

Susan Walker, Secretary, Santa Maria Bowls Club.

I was delighted to be invited to the 1st Club Day after the new carpet was laid at Santa Maria BC & was even asked to participate!

Santa Maria has been through turbulent times in recent years, to the point of near closure. I hope that with the laying of the new Greengauge carpet, the club is on the verge of a great revival.

Good luck Santa Maria BC.

John Carr, Webmaster, www.bowlinginspain.com.

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