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La Posada 2018 Christmas Draw

Dec. 2018

Report by Jeff Rowe, text editing by John Carr.

La Posada Bowling Club  Christmas Draw 2018
1st Prize Les & Sue  76 La Posada
2nd Prize Marilyn 17 La Posada
3rd Prize Lee 72 La Posada
4th Prize Linda  110 La Posada
5th Prize Les & Sue  76 La Posada
6th Prize Ken 2 La Posada
7th Prize Nick Cummins Saydo
8th Prize Brian 55 La Posada
9th Prize Shelley 44 La Posada
10th Prize Carolyn 1 La Posada
11th Prize Maureen Santa Maria
12th Prize Dave & Laura  124 La Posada
13th Prize Pet & Pete 109 La Posada
14th Prize Pat Baker Mijas
15th Prize Alan Baxter 63 La Posada
16th Prize Doug 115 La Posada
17th Prize Steve & Rita 87 La Posada
18th Prize Laurence 125 La Posada
19th Prize Val 120 La Posada
20th Prize Heather 115 La Posada
21st Prize Brian 55 La Posada
22nd Prize Alan Baxter 63 La Posada
23rd Prize Pat Walker 36 La Posada
24th Prize Maureen 15 La Posada
25th Prize Jeff Rowe 8 La Posada
26th Prize Colin Blare Alameda
27th Prize Brian 55 La Posada
28th Prize Sue 2 La Posada
29th Prize Graham & Les Alameda
30th Prize Mike & Lyn 121 La Posada
31st Prize Chris & Dave 74 La Posada
32nd Prize Terry Brooker Saydo
33rd Prize Nick Cummins Saydo
34th Prize Julie 113 La Posada
35th Prize Jayne 118 La Posada
Thank you all for your support, Jeff Rowe.