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Costa Almeria Umpires & Markers Association

Markers Update April 2012 at Almeria B/C

Report by Ruth Compton.

The Umpires and Markers of CAUMA met at Almeria Bowls Club for a dayís get together to discuss the laws, measuring and general happenings when marking games.

The morning was taken up with general discussions which also covered laws and etiquette within the game, which measures can be used in normal on the green measuring by players, should a ditch measure be permitted rather than a box measure, was one heated topic, who should do the measuring, do you give the shots or ask for them, and of course the dreaded foot faulting law raised its head, will we ever get a consensus of opinion on this one?

Quite some time was taken up on a discussion of when does a marker have the right or not to act as umpire when marking a game if one of the players complain about the action of an opposition and an umpire is not present.

After lunch all markers were given the time to seek advice and practice any measure that they were uncertain about, normally the ditch measure, feeler gauges and callipers are the ones that need polishing up on.

The afternoon was finished off with a three end game of good marker, bad marker, John Dando took the part of the marker and two of our umpires John Dedman and Gerald Bickers both excellent singles players acted out the scenarios while our makers made notes on the doís and doníts of marking a singles game, one might describe it as a comedy of errors, all of the incidents had taken place at some time in the past and had been dually noted by John and myself for this sort of occasion.

The day was voted a success and I think that everyone went home satisfied with the outcome.