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Umpires Training Seminar, 10th November 2012, Miraflores BC


Message from the Chairman, Malaga Umpires & Markers Association, Gordon Adams.

On Saturday 10th November,  17 umpires from the Malaga Province met at Miraflores bowls club for a Training Seminar. The objectives were:-

·      To revise some of the laws which are generally felt to be clear but from time to time need re-emphasising,

·      To examine incidents that have recently caused some controversy and attempt to arrive at a common approach from the umpires association,

·      To revise practically some of the more problematic measuring scenarios.

·      To demonstrate practically many of the Laws relating to Displacement of Bowls & Jacks.

I have to say that the seminar was a great success in all these objectives, with participants contributing enthusiastically both in the interpretation of the Laws and the practical exercises. Everybody agreed that we had all come away from the sessions with increased confidence and better equipped to serve the Malaga Bowling Community.

Grateful thanks must go to the principle ‘architect’ of the seminar, our worthy Secretary, Susan Walker.

Report by Susan Walker, Secretary to the Malaga Umpires & Markers Association.

We were welcomed by Chairman Gordon Adams and Secretary Susan Walker outlined the programme for the day. We had several interesting questions which were discussed with enthusiasm and answered accordingly. Then followed a quick fire round of straight forward  questions where the umpires had to state which Law number the answer came from.

Thanks to Craig and Sandra who prepared a simple lunch which was really appreciated .

Gordon, John Carr and Geoff Land then set up some measuring exercises which made the umpires put on their thinking caps to resolve the unusual situations. After much discussion we all understood how to deal with these unusual  situations.

The Displacement Law is one of the most difficult to understand but several umpires had worked out demonstrations to show us all. Thanks to Alan Bicknell, David Owen Scott, Dina Warn, Derek Carr, Arthur Lees and Michael Bone for their excellent explanations and demonstrations.

Gordon thanked everyone for attending and the members thanked the committee for organising the day and asked for another one to be organised.