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04/03/2013 - Umpires & Markers AGM  Minutes - Malaga Province -Submitted by Sue Walker


At Miraflores BC commencing at 10.30am

Present :- Gordon Adams, John Carr, Susan Walker, Derek Carr, Graham Rowley, Nancy Shaw, Arthur Lees, Clive Thomas and Grant Frost

1.        Gordon welcomed everyone to the meeting and expressed concern that not many umpires were attending this AGM

2.       Apologies :- Geoff Land, Jim Neilson, Dina Warn, Michael Bone, Dennis Tolfree, Garry Aldridge, Barry Pemberton, Bill Ogden, Amber Dineen, Alan Bicknell, Murray and Marjorie Johns

3.       The minutes of the 2012 AGM were agreed and there were no matters arising.

Chairman’s report

The last year has been a fairly quiet one and your Committee carried on as before.    Happily, no complaints have been directed against us and from my own observations and the comments of others our Umpires have continued to conduct themselves in a very professional manner.

In November last year Susan organised a workshop at Miraflores and 17 members took part. All of the participants joined in with enthusiasm and seemed to enjoy themselves and, clearly, had spent some time revising the Laws and considering practical problems. This enthusiasm shown by our members is also very pleasing to the instructors who give up their valuable time in preparing for and attending these workshops and I thank John Carr, Susan Walker and Geoff Land for their valuable contributions. Susan is keen to organise them if you feel that they would be of interest to you.

We are currently running an Umpires course; the third session will follow this meeting and the examination will take place on April 1st.. Fortunately, we have three candidates from La Posada and so with luck they will soon have local qualified Umpiring coverage.

One important event in this years bowls calendar was the recent match between the Spanish team and a representative Malaga Province team hosted by Santa Maria. The Association provided the Umpires and Santa Maria the Markers and between them they all did a thoroughly good job to assist in the smooth-running of the match.

I am not aware of any incidents involving Umpires in the past year which require discussion.

 Markers. During our recent Club Championships at Bena Vista it became clear that we have to improve the quality of our Markers and we shall run another Markers Course as soon as we are able. I know that other clubs run such courses but I wonder if we as an Association should do more. We have run occasional courses, and given the participants a “Certificate of Attendance” but that´s all. We are the Malaga Province Umpires and Markers Association but we do not see any Markers at our meetings simply because we do not provide any means for qualifying as such. We are thinking of including a Markers Module in the Umpires Course, mainly practical, but it would be difficult in the time presently allocated. We would probably have to consider an extra session. Perhaps we could have your thoughts under AOB.

Now, last but not least some thank you´s:-

To all of you for attending and offering your services during the year.   To the other members of the Committee, Susan for arranging our meetings, courses, umpire duties and helping out on our courses. John who supervises the practical aspects of the courses and gets involved in everything else. Geoff who helps out at our courses and is a fount of information.

To Craig Lewis and Miraflores for once again making these facilities available for our use.


4.       Vice Chairman’s report – John reported that the training day in November was well received and the new umpires demonstrated and explained Laws 28 with much enthusiasm. He thanked Susan for arranging this and also for the Foot faulting and Rink possession posters which had started players discussing these points.

Team Malaga was going from strength to strength and the game against Spain proved it with a victory to us. Gordon and Santa Maria Umpires and Markers worked well and no controversial situations occurred.

John emphasized the importance for umpires to join the Federation. Clive asked why? John’s reply was as the association is under their umbrella and our uniform has the Federation badge on.

5.       Secretary’s report – Susan reported that we have had 2 committee meetings this year, a training day in November and the new umpires  course which is running at the moment. I have managed to cover most sessions at all competitions with umpires when requested to do so. Some clubs are now independent and don’t ask for outside umpires. Can I remind everyone to keep their contact details upto date with me and finally, I have enjoyed being the secretary and am willing to continue.

6.       Uniform – Our uniform is long white trousers for the men and skirts or trousers for ladies with our jade polo shirts and jade sweatshirts. Some umpires are not conforming to this. After discussion re cold weather and jackets, Susan will try to obtain some jackets to match our current uniform.

7.       A.O.B             – Markers training and exam. After discussion it was decided to encourage clubs to improve the markers skills but it was felt that an instructor from outside the club would be better to conduct a session.  Clive then asked John to go to Mijas to run a course. Players from other clubs would be welcome to attend. Introducing an exam at this time will be put on hold and discussed later.

                - Re assessment of Umpires. After discussion it was felt that the training days were   sufficient to maintain the standard of the umpires and hoped all umpires will attend future training days. Therefore no formal exam / re assessment will be introduced. Susan was asked to set up another training day before the end of the season.

             - ITO   Gordon and Garry are going to take an exam. In October the European championships are to be held in Spain and experienced umpires will be required.  Good luck to you both

                                     - 4 umpiring situations were discussed and agreed – Susan will include them in the training   day.

                          Miraflores  and  Craig were thanked for the use of their clubhouse and the meeting closed at 12.45pm