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19/03/2015 - Umpires & Markers AGM Minutes - Malaga Province -Submitted by Sue Walker

AGM Thursday 19th March 2015, 10am at Santa Maria BC

1. Members present :- Gordon Adams, John Carr, Susan Walker, Garry Aldridge, Clive Thomas, Bill Mann, Graham Rowley, Maureen Fewings, Dine Warn, David Owen Scott, Julian Thomas, Grant Frost, Doreen Fabron, Arthur Lees, Nancy Shaw, Haydn Parker

2. Apologies :- Denis Hanley, Amber Dineen, Derek Carr

3. The 2014 AGM minutes were accepted as a true record by Graham and seconded by Dine

4. There were no matters arising

5. Chairman’s report :- This year has again been a fairly quiet one and happily, no complaints have been directed against us and from my own observations and the comments of others, our Umpires have continued to conduct themselves in a very professional manner.

We are currently running an Umpire´s course; the third session took place last Tuesday, March 17and the examination will take place tomorrow. We have six enthusiastic candidates; not as many as usual.

 An important event in the bowls calendar was the recent match between the Spanish team and  Team Malaga which was hosted by Miraflores. Our Association provided the Umpires, David Owen Scott and Julian Thomas, and the Markers and between them they all did a thoroughly good job to assist in the smooth-running of the match. We did get the Umpires and markers together beforehand so they could meet and discuss how they would work together and that was a useful exercise.

Susan ran another of her training sessions in November 2014 at Miraflores. It was well attended and everyone enjoyed themselves and while they do, we hope that Susan will continue to run them.

I am not aware of any incidents involving Umpires in the past year which require discussion.

 Markers. At a previous AGM I raised the question whether we should run more formal Markers courses, perhaps with a qualifying examination but not much enthusiasm was shown. We run occasional informal courses and I know that some clubs run their own but there is room for improvement. We all know that a poor marker can ruin a game and spoil it for the players. Bowls England have recently devised a full-days Markers course, which requires some preliminary study beforehand, and can be used as a stepping stone for qualification as an Umpire at the basic grade. I have been asked to participate in some of the courses during the Summer and maybe we can adapt and adopt them for use over here. We can discuss this later as it is an item on the agenda.

It has been asked in the past whether we should have a simple grading system here? Our training sessions help to keep umpires up to scratch. Attendance at our training sessions is quite voluntary and several of the Umpires on the list never attend, perhaps they don´t feel the need or just can´t be bothered. We cannot expect the newly qualified umpire to have the same level of competence as one who has kept up to date with the Laws and has had several years of experience. Most of the clubs now have sufficient Umpires to officiate at their own competitions and if they haven´t they ask Susan to provide some. She does an excellent job perhaps we should leave things as they are but I raise the question again.

  Now, last but not least some thank you´s:-

To all of you for attending and offering your services during the year 

To the other members of the Committee, Susan for arranging our meetings, courses, umpire duties etc.         

To John who supervise the practical aspects of the courses and gets involved in everything else.,and finally

To Santa Maria for making these facilities available for our use.

Gordon Adams.

6. Vice Chairman’s report:- John Carr stated that he was very proud of the umpires and markers who officiated at the Malaga v Spain games in January. There had been a serious bid for the 2016 Nationals to be held here but has since been dropped. There is also a strong proposal that all players in the Malaga province will be federated. Discussions are still on going.

John again asked that all clubs run a markers course before their competitions to provide the players with the best markers possible at the event. A good marker is essential to the singles players.

John thanked Gordon for his expertise in umpiring and for sharing his knowledge with us and thanked Susan for all her hard work in organising and being involved in all umpiring matters.

7. Secretary’s report:- Susan stated that it has been a quiet year as most clubs now provide their own umpires. The occasions when umpires were requested I have been able to find some. Thank you for volunteering. Please claim your mileage if travelling to another club and please claim your refreshments.

We held a very successful training day in November which was well attended. As the new Law Books have not been received yet we will continue with the current laws and introduce the new laws from the 1st September. A good summer reading book to get you up to date!

On several occasions it has been commented upon that the umpire was not in uniform. Please wear your jade top every time you umpire. I will arrange another training day early in the new season.

8. Subscriptions:- Discussion took place over the umpires paying a subscription fee for expenses for travelling, telephone calls, stationery, printing costs, refreshments and other expenses.  A 10 euros a year fee was suggested, proposed by Haydn, seconded by Arthur. On a vote 15 for and 1 against.  Carried. This will be reviewed at the next AGM.

The Handbook details will be required very soon so umpires who do not pay this fee or who decide they do not want to continue umpiring please let me know and I will delete them from the handbook list.

9. Markers Qualifications:- In the past some attendees at a markers course were given an attendance certificate but no formal exam. After discussion everyone agreed the marking standard must improve. Julian suggested a markers information pack which could be given to the umpires in every club for them to instruct their members prior to them holding a competition. This was agreed. Gordon will put an information pack together. He explained changes to the markers/umpires levels in the UK. He will give us more information at the next training session.

Bill suggested that a markers module be incorporated into the umpires training course and this was agreed by all present.

Prior to the Andalucian championships in Sept / Oct. the markers and umpires will have a training session. Susan to liase with Craig at Miraflores.

10. Not necessary.

11. Election of Officers:- Gordon, John and Susan were willing to continue and everyone agreed for us to continue.

12. AOB:- The committee were thanked for their continued good work


Gordon then explained the changes in the laws which we will adopt from 1st September.

There was no time for the practical training as some people were going to the League Cup final

Gordon thanked everyone for attending and their continued commitment to our association.