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11/03/2017 - Umpires & Markers AGM Minutes - Malaga Province -Submitted by Sue Walker


11TH MARCH 2017

At Santa Maria BC commencing at 10.30am

Present:- Gordon Adams, John Carr, Susan Walker, Derek Carr, Nancy Shaw, Denis Hanley, Graham Rowley, Arthur Lees, Garry Aldridge, Julian Thomas, Alan Bicknell, Denis Tolfree, Amber Dineen

1 Gordon welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Apologies:- Barry Pemberton, David Owen Scott, Ian Anthony, Maureen Fewings, Doreen Fabron, Jim Neilson.

3. The minutes of the 2016 AGM were agreed.

4. No matters arising.

5. Chairman’s report:- Gordon stated that he had received several comments regarding umpiring, mostly good and generally everyone is carrying out their duties well.

 The umpires course this year had been disrupted for various reasons, weather, health and availability. The course did finish but with disappointing results. We arranged two revision courses and 3 people are re-taking the exam this afternoon, so hopefully they will be successful.

A markers course, using the EBUA syllabus, was run this year with 22 people attending. Everyone enjoyed the day and most learned from it. It was then decided to include this into the umpires course which again was appreciated.

Gordon asked Susan to write to all the owners to encourage players to wear proper flat soled shoes at all times on our greens.

With the new Federation committees in place now it was felt that he or an umpire’s representative should attend fed meetings.  Susan to action.

Gordon thanked John and  Susan for their committee work and Garry for his involvement with the new courses.

6. Vice Chairman’s report:- John has produced the flow charts on A5 and A4 sizes if anyone wants them (Attached).  Discussion took place over using these and the law books in the exam with no definite decision made. Perhaps part of the exam could involve these aids. The committee will discuss this further.

He thanked Gordon and Susan for their continued hard work.

John reported that the federation was now well established and running smoothly but felt that Gordon should attend the meetings on behalf of the umpires.

7. Secretaries report:-  Susan reported that it had been a fairly quiet year with most clubs being self sufficient now, apart from Mijas who request umpires for their comps but few volunteers are forth coming.

 The EBUA markers course was really enjoyed by 22 people in March 2016.

 The new umpires course attracted 7 people, some very new bowlers with little experience but they did gain knowledge of the game from attending and appreciated the committee’s guidance. 3 are repeating their exam this afternoon, so hopefully they will be successful.

 I have secured 5 days in the new calendar for umpires training for next season.

Due to the introduction of the federation, 2 people feel they do not want to continue umpiring, so Bill Mann and Grant Frost have resigned. Other resignations have been received from Clive Thomas who is returning to the uk and Michael Bone who is still not fit enough to continue umpiring. We wish them all well.   Susan to thank them for their services. As they are no longer in the umpires association perhaps they could  give their shirts back.

Finally, just a reminder when umpiring, to wear your shirts with pride, look smart on duty, be prepared and act professionally, know the conditions of play and finally accept refreshments when offered but definitely  no alcohol whilst on duty.

8. Pre talk by Denis Tolfree:- Dennis gave a brief explanation about the previous federation which was started back around 1994/ 96 when it had regions who set up a common exam syllabus and  marked each others exam papers, sometimes not fairly.  All the regions did not agree on a common policy  so Malaga province broke away and set up their own procedures. Now with this new federation committee and Julian’s continued hard work Denis felt the federation is solid and will move forward this time.

 Presentation by Julian:-  Julian explained that every club had a rep on the federation committee and these people should keep all their club members informed as to what is going on.

Now the federation have more members, there is a budget available that umpires can claim an expense fee of 25 euros a day or 20 euros half a day for “working” as an umpire. This includes travel costs.  As an umpire our regional fed fee should be 25 euros or 34 euros nationally. The proposal is that we claim our fee every time we umpire but the fee for our first days “work” is not paid to us because it will be allocated to cover the extra fee we should pay as a regional umpire.  The clubs will no longer pay us but we will submit a form through Julian and it will be paid direct to us at some stage from the federation. What you do with your money is your choice e.g. keep it, give it to your club / charity, it is your choice. 

The committee propose that this arrangement be accepted but if you don’t want to claim, don’t.

At some stage this budget figure may run out, in which case no further payment will be made that year.

As clubs know we are entitled to this payment our refreshment arrangement, as at present, may be withdrawn. 

To claim, all you do is sign a form, signed in blue ink and completed in capital letters, and submit to Julian. He will need you IBAN and bank account number to transfer the payment.

This is available to every competition in the authorised calendar (in the handbook) plus league matches, League cup, Presidents 4’s, Malaga Provincial and Andalusian championships.

Everybody’s 15euro fee makes us all totally legal and all the money comes back into our area.

After discussion, Gordon proposed this be accepted, Garry seconded and the majority of members present accepted it.

Julian was thanked for his presentation.

9.  Susan passed around the directory of all umpires to check contact details. No more subscriptions were necessary. We have 110 euros in hand.

10.  World bowls Law committee decisions were discussed briefly and  Gordon suggested we look at the world bowls web site from time to time  where we can find any comments or amendments made to the Laws of the Sport.

11. Markers:- No action.

12. Constitution:-  This may need to be developed in the near future in conjunction with the federation. Gordon to action as required.

13. Election of Officers:- Gordon, John and Susan were unanimously voted to continue.

14. AOB:-  The Andalusian championships are being held at Lauro, Benalmadena and Mijas  from 23rd to 30th September and GOOD markers and umpires will be needed.  Please encourage your good markers to help at this comp. or take some time at your club to train some more good markers.

Gordon thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 1pm.