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09/03/2019 - Umpires & Markers AGM Minutes - Malaga Province -Submitted by Sue Walker


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, Saturday,9th March,2019.  10.30am at Santa Maria

Umpires Present:-  Gordon Adams, Susan Walker, Barry Pemberton, Arthur Lees, Dine Warn, Maureen Fewings, Nancy Shaw, Julian Thomas, Ron Jones, Roy Saunders.

Markers Present:- Dennis Hughes,  Trainee Markers :- Jane Richardson, Gordon Bulmer

Apologies :- John Carr, Ian Anthony, Doreen Fabron, Dennis Tolfree, Mac Farlow, Derek Carr, Garry Aldridge

Minutes 2018:-  The minutes were agreed and there were no matters arising.


A fairly quiet year to date, making steady progress and good use of our new-found luxury of having five training days in the calendar.

At the last AGM we agreed to include a qualification for Markers.

In the Summer, Garry Aldridge volunteered to run a Markers course for members of La Posada and Saydo Bowls Clubs. He was assisted by Arthur Lees, Jenny Aldridge and Susan. As a result we now have 4 qualified Markers, namely Shelley Greenwood, Jeff Rowe and Dennis Hughes from La Posada and Robert Shurmur from Saydo.

Congratulations to you all and our thanks to Garry and his team.

And we shall have another Markers examination session immediately after the AGM.

Umpires, do please encourage your clubs to use the services of our Markers, it would be nice to see them in action at the Andalucian Championships and the Champion of Champions, for example

We were not able to run a full Umpires course this year but we have started one, the first session was hosted by Mijas Bowls Club. and we intend to complete the course and have the examination at the beginning of the new season in October. We have some very keen candidates, including some of our new markers, and they have been set some study and practical work to do during the Summer.

Sadly, we have lost Garry Aldridge to bowls and umpiring in Spain. Garry contributed lots to the Association over the years and was appointed Vice Chairman only last year but unfortunately for us, he and Jenny decided to return to the UK. Our loss will be England´s gain.

Finally, our thanks: To all of you for volunteering your services. To the Committee , Susan for doing almost everything asked or her and more, to Garry and finally to Santa Maria Bowls Club for making their facilities available to us once again

SECRETARY’S REPORT ;- Susan reported that the training days allocated in the handbook were a bit mixed up this year with people volunteering for the new umpires training course and then withdrawing. We changed our attention to Markers courses which Garry, assisted by Arthur, Jenny Aldridge and Susan ran at La Posada and Saydo and Lauro. 4 people were successful as named above.  Currently there is further training for markers and umpires running which will continue into the autumn. The new markers are now wearing the yellow shirts.  It was suggested that umpires who mark at federated competitions should also wear the yellow shirts.

As both Garry and Ian Anthony have withdrawn from umpiring as both are returning to the uk, I will send a letter of thanks to both.

There was confusion about our allocated training days so in the handbook next season the entry will read “Umpires & Markers Day” so any topic is covered for all to attend.

Treasurer’s report:- Julian said the expenses claims were working well and paid promptly. All claims must be made by e mail in the current month only. Now that umpires are entitled to claim expenses from the Federation we can no longer expect to receive refreshments from the clubs free of charge but if  the clubs offer then we should accept gratefully.

Election of Officers:-  Gordon and Susan were willing to continue and Barry Pemberton was the only volunteer for the vice chairman’s position. All accepted the new committee.

AOB:-  Etiquette was discussed and those present agreed that we need to improve etiquette within our clubs. When called upon to measure ask the players to move away so you can do the measuring correctly without interference.

Gordon thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed at 11.40am